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Superior Indoor Air Quality Tips

Superior indoor air quality tricks from the experts. Winter is a festive and cozy season that brings holidays, and cold-weather fun like caroling. But it can also bring low quality indoor air. Heating systems can make your home’s air dry and dusty if they are not well cleaned and maintained. Bad indoor air can make your family sick, especially if any of your loved ones have respiratory problems.

To keep your family safe and healthy this winter, here are 4 tips and tricks to raising the indoor air quality in your home.

Keep it Clean

The key to keeping your indoor air healthy is to make sure your home is clean and well-maintained. Dust and vacuum your home regularly to avoid spreading germs, dust, debris, and allergens that can float in the air. Seems simple but it will help all year long.

Replace Air Filters

Your home heating system has filters that need to be replaced regularly. In the winter, your heating system is probably on most of the time, which means filters are doing extra work and need more maintenance than usual. Check them every 60 days.

Increase Ventilation

The more fresh air in your home, the better the air quality will be. If your ventilation system isn’t working properly, you may notice accumulated dust on walls near vents. After dusting and replacing the filters, allow some fresh air to circulate through your home.

Use a Purifier

An air purifier captures particulate matter, as well as gas, smells, and chemicals—depending on how advanced it is. Some can even remove bacteria, allergens like pollen, and animal dander from your air. When purchasing an air purifier, make sure it can handle your house size and pollutant levels. For example, if you have a large home and 3 dogs, you may need a heavy-duty air purifier, while a pet-free studio apartment can use something smaller.

Want Better Indoor Air Quality?

If you want Superior Indoor Air Quality this winter, give Superior a call or email today. One of our skilled, licensed HVAC technicians will make sure your heating and ventilation system is clean and running well. Contact us today!

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Heating System Service Las Vegas

Heating system service is not a common option when talking about your home needs. However, with changing temperatures, holidays, and sentiments of good cheer, the time is now for a heating system service. When all signs point to the season of cozy celebrations, don’t leave your family and friends out in the cold.

With every heating system service, Superior Heating & Air checks air filters, adjusts thermostats and checks air flow. Annual maintenance, including a thorough examination of the fan, pilot light, and heat exchanger helps prevent potential problems that put your party on ice.

In addition to regular maintenance, experts say HVAC units should be serviced by a professional at least once per year. Doing so ensures that your heating system will keep you warm throughout the fall and winter months.


To help before a system check, you can replace air filters plus check and clean all vents. Next, set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature where it won’t run all day/night. To help keep energy costs down, place a few cozy blankets around the house for some extra warmth. This not only helps with your heating costs, it also provides an alternative to constant thermostat changes. Another option is to find that comfortable night ware and snuggle up under the covers at night. Studies show that some get better sleep at night when the room temperature is cold but they are bundled up.

Superior Heating & Air

At Superior Heating & Air, we offer Annual VIP Memberships. Memberships include annual heating, air & plumbing inspections with VIP discounts and priority scheduling. The plan also includes a plumbing inspection from Superior Plumbing & Drain. This is a plan that makes sense for homeowners, landlords and even renters. The minimal expense keeps you in comfort all year long.

Be prepared for anything mother nature throws your way by calling Superior Heating & Air at (702) 324-7597 to schedule your VIP inspection.

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Insulation Increases Efficiency

Attic Insulation Increases Energy Efficiency for a variety of reasons. In winter, a significant amount of heat is lost through the roof, which makes the attic an important area to insulate. In summer, heat gets trapped in the attic thereby heating up the wood beams. As a result, your home warms up and the air conditioning unit works harder.

Attic insulation works like a cap – it traps the heat inside, increasing comfort and efficiency and serving as the first line of defense when protecting against outdoor weather and temperatures.

In today’s world, the efficiency of home insulation is a science and so, of course, there’s a numerical system of measurement. The material’s ability to resist heat transfer is tracked with something called an R-value. As insulation becomes thicker and more effective, the R-value goes up. Not all insulations, however, are created equal when it comes to lower energy bills—even if they have a solid R-value. Take a look at the two most common types of attic insulation for hot climates:

Pink Fiberglass Insulation

This pink-colored material is the most common type of insulation because of its affordable price and efficient R-values. However, it does have some drawbacks. It tends to settle as it ages, meaning it becomes less efficient over time. It’s also prone to rips and tears so if a critter gets into your attic it could cause leaks and a broken seal.

Injection Foam Insulation

This type of attic insulation is installed via liquid foam pumped into the various spaces of your attic, regardless of shape, hardening after several seconds. Its flexible nature means that there will be no area left unsealed. It’s a bit more expensive than pink fiberglass insulation, but the average lifespan of injection foam insulation is about 80 years, compared to 10 to 25 for fiberglass, which means you’ll spend significantly less money over the life of your home.

For more information on insulation types, Click Here

We are Las Vegas’ #1 Source for Air Conditioning and Heating Service.

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Residential Air Conditioning Replacement

Residential air conditioning replacement should happen around every 15 years. Our heating and cooling systems run in the background of our homes and our minds. And that’s the way it should be; they should work so well that you don’t really need to think about them.

But every now and then, you notice a slight change. Maybe your AC has been blowing warm air every now and then, or perhaps you noticed an odd grinding noise coming from unit. Whatever they are, it’s important to acknowledge these changes, because they’re actually signs. Signs that your AC needs to be replaced.

The 4 Big Signs That You Need A New AC

Your AC Isn’t Keeping Your House Cool…

This is probably the easiest way to tell that you need a new air conditioner. ACs are meant to keep you cool and comfortable, and if they’re not doing their job, you need a new one that will. If your AC is blowing warm or hot air—or not blowing air at all—your unit could have a serious problem.

Of course, sometimes the issue causing this can be repaired. For example, clogged ductwork can be cleaned to allow cool air to flow once again. But if your AC isn’t cooling your home, you definitely need to call an HVAC technician.

Your AC Is Making Weird Sounds

It’s hard for your AC to stay in the background of your home and mind if it’s rattling, clanking, grinding, or squealing. If you have a noisy AC, something is wrong. This is not a normal sign of an aging AC unit. A piece of machinery might be loose or broken, and you need an HVAC technician to check it out.

Your Energy Bill Is Huge

New air conditioning units are built with cutting-edge technology to make them as energy efficient as possible. Old units were never as efficient as new models are now, even when they were first made. As the unit ages, they become even less efficient, needing more energy to keep your home less cool. If your energy bill has skyrocketed in the last few months, it could be a sign that it’s time to invest in a new, energy-star rated model.

You Have the HVAC Repairman on Speed Dial

Are you becoming a little too chummy with the HVAC technician because they’re at your house every other month, fixing your AC? Then it’s definitely time to get a new unit (or a new HVAC tech). It’s not worth it to continue sinking money into an old cooling system that is inefficient and doesn’t cool your home effectively. A new system will cost more upfront, but you’ll save money over time from lower energy bills and fewer repair calls.

Have your recognized any of these four signs with your home cooling system? If you think that something is wrong with your AC unit, call us today.