Most people believe summer is the harshest season, but winter in the desert can be just as harsh. The cold desert air combined with increased snow fall on the mountains reduces the temperature in our valley. When we least expect it, winter can also bring snow to the lower elevations making it even colder. When this happens, it’s the neglected heater that we are relying on to keep us warm.

Regular heater and furnace maintenance is not something we think about. Living in a desert, it truly seems like summer lasts forever. However, getting on a regular maintenance schedule for heating and cooling is a great idea. Regular checks on the duct work, heating unit and thermostat can save time and money on repairs.

Before the cooler weather and “heater season” begins, we recommend a test of your residential heating unit. At first you may experience a weird burning smell but that’s the unit working back to regular operation after sitting all summer long. The things to really pay attention to are:

  • Prolonged noises coming from the unit
  • Burning smells past the initial test
  • Squeals or rattling from the unit

To be prepared for winter and the cooler temperatures, we recommend a heating tune-up in late September or early October.  The Superior Heating & Air team will visit to provide a thorough check of your systems. With a tune-up service, you’ll be ready for winter outside and stay toasty warm inside.

When looking for a regular maintenance program, residential customers should consider Superior’s Annual VIP Membership. For one low price Superior not only inspects your HVAC unit, we’ll inspect your plumbing including water heater and faucets for possible leaks. Annually we’ll schedule an appointment to review the essential systems to identify potential problems. This popular program helps our customers save money all year long while they live with Superior confidence.