Residential heating systems more than 10 years old should go through a complete inspection. While heating system replacement doesn’t seem to be an issue in the desert, it’s more common that it appears. Our trusted technicians are highly trained in heating repairs for residential and commercial units.

After a comprehensive evaluation, we explain every detail of the inspection point by point. If a heater replacement is required, we provide an estimate and timeline of the work. Every detail is covered so you know exactly what will be done and in the time frame work can be completed.  When replacing a system, we will recommend the best available system on the market that fits your needs. Many factors will determine our recommendation but we will explain them and answer all your questions.

If the cost of replacement exceeds the current household budget, financing is available. We offer this option because we know that replacement equipment is not usually a planned expense. However, it’s our goal to provide the best service of any company in Las Vegas. With the allocation for special project financing, we are able to make replacement affordable today.

If you’re having problems with your furnace or heating system, call the Superior team for a full review of your system. We’ll set up the earliest appointment to identify current or potential issues that may occur.

To help prolong the life of your furnace and heating systems, residential customers should consider Superior’s Annual VIP Membership. For one low price Superior not only inspects your HVAC unit, we’ll flush the water heater and inspect whole home plumbing systems for possible leaks. Annually we’ll schedule an appointment to review the essential systems to identify potential problems. This popular program helps our customers save money all year long while they live with Superior confidence.