Las Vegas indoor air quality is a major problem living in our desert climate. In a casino, they have systems dedicated to clean the air and provide a healthy environment for employees and guests. In a residential HVAC system, regular maintenance and service are required to keep the system in good working order.

For allergy sufferers, pollen, dust and pet dander get trapped inside causing the indoor air to be polluted. Considering we spend most of our time indoors, air quality is very important. A few solutions to help your indoor air quality are offered here:

  • Older homes can allow more outside air through windows, doors and vents. To reduce potential air quality polluters, we recommend a seal around windows and doors that lead outside.
  • Purchasing high quality air filters will help filter circulated air through your home.
  • Cleaning up outdoor landscaping can also help reduce potential pollutants coming through windows and doors
  • Wash household pets more often
  • Make sure the vacuum cleaner bag is changed regularly
  • Vacuum and dust as often as possible

If you’re experiencing indoor dust problems, it may be time to call in a professional. To protect your family from harmful allergens while increasing indoor air quality, call Superior Heating & Air. Our indoor air quality specialists will provide an evaluation of your residential system as well as additional suggestions for improving air quality.

To improve indoor air quality, residential customers should consider Superior’s Annual VIP Membership. For one low price Superior not only inspects your HVAC unit, we’ll flush the water heater and inspect whole home plumbing systems for possible leaks. Annually we’ll schedule an appointment to review the essential systems to identify potential problems. This popular program helps our customers save money all year long while they live with Superior confidence.